Project in development

Materials: aluminium, led, stone.
Photography by Barbara Medo.

Merry Go Round Europe

Amsterdam Light Festival 2015/2016

The whirligig that, just for a moment, lifts you out of your earthly existence and, once you’re back on firm ground, gives you a fresh outlook on the world around you.That’s the theme of Merry Go Round, the contribution of the Dutch artists Karel de Boer, Ward Kreykamp, Ivo Hulskamp and Stephan Schagen. It is a work of art everybody will recognize, because who didn’t whirl around on a kermis or a fair?! The artists themselves want the work to be a message to Europe. According to them it’s very healthy to float away from reality from time to time, to leave things as they are and then go on with your life. They argue that it will do friendships no end of good. ‘We think that for everybody in Europe it would be a good idea as well to step outside its reality now and again, in order to forget their problems and worries for a while and to remember who they really are.

’The cars whirl, the merrily illuminated water jets splash and just for a little while we forget where we are.'

Collaboration: Stephan Schagen, Ward Kreykamp, Karel de Boer en Ivo Hulskamp.


Art installation Haga ziekenhuis Den Haag 2013

Art installation 'Changeant' in the HAGA hospital the Hague.
Installation by Arnout and Ivo Hulskamp.

Tangible renders

Presented at TAC during Dutch Design Week 2012

Research project. Creating Three dimensional shapes with thin materials. An algorithm converts any shape into flat triangles, when cut out and recomposed, it creates the computer model in tangible materials.


photo © Ellis Faas

Clips and tester display developed for the Amsterdam based make-up Brand ELLIS FAAS Cosmetics.

The Clips, are a single injection molded product that can clip the full range of cosmetic products together. The clips stay connected even when pen's are removed, this enables make up artist to work from a roll of clipped pen's.

photo © Ellis Faas

Tester display

A non-conventional display, prominently showing the beautiful custom designed bullet pens. The pens float mid-air for the customer to grab. The layout is easily adjusted to current demands. Worldwide enrolled in over more than 200 shops.

photo © Ellis Faas


Ivo Hulskamp (1980) is a product designer and artist. He combines conceptual thinking with advanced productions skills developing conceptual lighting installations, design objects and industrial products.

He successfully finished a degree in mechanical engineering, a bachelor in Product Design at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) and a Master Public Space Design at the MAHKU. He now lives and works in Eindhoven from his own studio at Strijp-S.

He enrolled for a course in mechanical engineering in order to be “able to make anything” and after completion he found a job as a machine builder. He quickly found that the industrial environment was conceptually not satisfying and wanted to make more autonomous work.

In his current work he loves to work with light and makes lamps or light installations. He uses physics and mathematics to solve design problems.